Bait and Switch Advertising and Car Sales and Auto Fraud

Bait and Switch

New Jersey does have laws that stop bait and switch practices by automobile dealers. An example would be to lure you into the dealer and then switch you from the advertised car. I have seen sales where the car that was advertised and was already sold by the time the customer went to he dealership then they switched the customer into another cat, or the advertised car was damages or never shown tot he potential customer.

Keep any advertisements and keep notes on when and where you saw the car on the internet so you can insist on the car that was advertised.. The real issue is what do you do and can you sue of they do not sell you the car that was advertised.

Lets look at this set of facts:

Car advertised on the dealer site for $20,000
Customer get to dealer and the price on the car is $50,000
Dealer refuses to sell the car.

Do you sue and if so what are the damages?



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