Buying a Car is Awful Because… Tell Me… e Mail Me…

Buying a Car is Awful Because… Tell me…

I have represented over a thousand people and have purchased many cars myself. Almost every experience related to me is the same. It sucked. The reasons are different BUT the results are the same. It sucked!! Take a look! Here too about the tricks.

I would describe it as follows:

It is like going to a circus and you get pick pocketed by a clown. You then complain to the guy running the circus and he sicks the tigers on you and you lose your arm, in addition to your wallet.
Then weeks later somebody calls you to see how you liked the circus! WOW
Please be advised that this is satire. A joke. Designed to make you think. Obviously every transaction does not end up like this but some do.

THE HOOK Lets get them to the dealership
You see an advertisement. You see a brand new car on the lot you drive buy. A friend tells you about a great deal at the local dealership. A great internet lead. WHATEVER.

Splashy news paper advertisements, color photos, splashy internet advertisements, cool web pages and many many many cars to choose from.

Try to FIGURE out the fine print and all of the conditions to buy the car: Loyalty programs, military discounts, student discounts, special authorized sales, contests, promotions,,, Bla Bla Bla. Cannot take it anymore?

Guaranteed Credit Promises
What about the advertisement for guaranteed credit? Have you seen this before? Are there any guarantees in life.. NO. How can credit suddenly have an exception to all the rules (death taxes etc) with a guarantee? Got me but they do and people want to buy it because of desperation and lack good credit. They know where the week spots are and they hit you there!

It only gets better when you get to the dealer! Good Luck!

They get you to the dealership and the journey REALLY begins……………………………..

Guaranteed Financing
Credit Approvals
Trade values
YO YO deals
Bait and switch
No prices

Hours on the lot
Cars Missing
Trade vehicle in the back
Mysterious price increases and interest rate increases

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