Car Salesmen’s Secrets

Car salesmen have one goal: sell you a car and take as much of your money as possible. There are all types of unflattering terms that are insulting, and they describe customers. Before you buy or lease your next car you need to know this.

1. Bumping — Raising what the customer says he wants to pay for a car (“If Mr. Customer says he only wants to pay $250 a month, just say, ‘up to …?’ He’ll probably bump himself up to $300.”)

2. Closer — An experienced salesperson who is brought in to make the customer agree to the dealership’s terms.

3. The feel of the wheel will seal the deal – the idea that if customers test drive a car, they will fall in love and buy it.

# First pencil — The opening offer from the sales manager.

# Four-square — A worksheet divided into four sections representing the four figures a salesman wants to negotiate in an auto deal: selling price, trade-in, monthly payment and down payment.

4. Grinder — A customer who spends hours haggling over a small amount of money.

5. Lay down — A customer who takes whatever deal the salesman offers.

6. Mooch — A customer who wants to buy a car at invoice.

7. Rip their heads off — Concluding a really bad deal for a consumer that brought high profit to the dealer.

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