Chrysler 2008 Town & Country Alleged a Lemon

Originally, I filed a law suit against the new Chrysler Corporation with regard to a vehicle which was purchased by a current client of mine. The client experienced numerous issues with this vehicle including transmission, brakes and electrical problems. My client is alleging that there were numerous repairs on the breaks during the first 34,000 miles. Specifically, my client had to get authorization and claim number from Chrysler before any repairs would be done. We have been doing research on the internet and are attempting to discern the nature and extent of numerous prior problems by any 2008 Town & Country owners.

If you are a Town & Country owner, 2008, and have any complaints, communications with the manufacturer, communications with the selling dealer or other e-mail communications, please contact this law firm so that we might discuss obtaining this information from you.

Under New Jersey law, for a Lemon Law claim, the plaintiff is obligated to prove under certain circumstances that the use, value and safety of a vehicle have been substantially impaired. The claims in this case revolve around defective brakes, defective transmission and a defective electrical system, and the plaintiff is alleging that the use, value and safety have been substantially impaired.

Again, we would greatly appreciate anyone with experience and/or information on a 2008 Town & Country and their communications with the manufacturer, contact us to provide same, and your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Read this: Service Bulletin from the manufacturer.

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