Do Automobile Dealers Know when Cars Have Been in an Accident? Part II


Reasonably priced technology assures that dealers are aware of any damage to a car that they sell. An Elcometer. This device measures the thickness of the paint on the car. There are manufacturer standards for paint thickness. There are standards for consistency on a car. This device can absolutely warn a dealer if a car was repainted. This raises a red flag that the dealer must take a closer look at the car. They will then see other evidence that the car was wrecked, such as frame repair, over spray or bondo on the car. This is all obvious to anyone with any automotive experience, especially a dealer selling cars for a living. There are also frame machines that can measure even slight imbalances in the frame. These are a reasonably-priced option for the dealers selling cars to the public. Don’t you think they should take the steps necessary to assure the cars that they both buy and sell are safe for the public’s use? Does it seem to be asking very much? Not really.

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