Ford Recalls 1,500 Explorers and Mountaineers for Fire Risk

Manufacturers frequently have problems that need to be fixed on a wide-scale basis. If you remember, a few years ago there were Kia Sephia brake problems that resulted in a recall. This is not that uncommon, unfortunately.

Ford just issued on the Explorer: a new risk of fire in Ford SUVs has prompted a recall from the Ford Motor Corp. Ford is recalling about 1,500 2008 Explorer, Explorer Sport Track and Mercury Mountaineer SUVs equipped with the 4.6 liter engine and 6R transmission.

A bolt securing the oil cooler line fittings at the transmission may not have been tightened sufficiently at the Ford assembly plant. If the bolt loosens, the transmission cooler lines can leak fluid onto the vehicle’s catalytic converter, posing the fire risk.

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