Largest class actions in US History

The biggest class action settlement ever is the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, which was entered in November 1998 and paid out a total of $206 billion. This settlement is still the largest lawsuit settlement in history.

Other notable settlements include the Opioid Epidemic settlement for $26 billion, BP Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill for $18.7 billion, and Volkswagen emissions scandal for $14.7 billion. According to the Duane Morris Class Action Review, the total value of all class action settlements in 2022 exceeded $63 billion.

Class action lawsuits are an important tool for holding companies accountable and ensuring justice is served when they break laws or regulations.

A class action is a type of lawsuit that allows a large group of people to join together and sue another party as one. It is an effective way for individuals to take legal action when they have suffered similar harm due to the same cause. Filing a class action can be beneficial because it allows people to seek justice and compensation for damages without having to individually pursue their own cases. Additionally, it can help bring attention to issues that may otherwise go unnoticed or unresolved.

Class actions are typically filed when there is a large number of people who have been affected by the same issue, such as defective products, false advertising, or discrimination. By joining together in a single suit, plaintiffs can increase their chances of obtaining justice and fair compensation from the defendant.

Before filing a class action lawsuit, it’s important to understand the process and what’s involved. An experienced attorney can provide guidance on whether filing a class action is the best option for you and your ca


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