The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance is an excellent resource for most consumers. The department’s main offices are located at Mary Roebling Building at 20 West State Street in Trenton, New Jersey. The mission of the Department of Banking and Insurance is regulation of banking and insurance in the real estate industries, to protect and educate consumers and promote growth and financial stability. The site provides a host of consumer information in the insurance industry, personal finance industry and real estate industry. There is an entire section for consumer inquiries and complaints. There are online forms for filing a formal banking complaint, online forms for filing formal insurance complaint and online forms for filing real estate complaints. The fax is 609-777-0508.

There is the Division of Banking, which consists of two major units such as the Office of Consumer Finance and the Office of Depositories. This department has the ability to issue cease and decease orders as an example for the order issued against Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corporation. There is an entire insurance division which regulates insurance companies throughout the State of New Jersey. There is a list of hot topics on the site, which indicate proposed acquisition of Health Net of New Jersey by Oxford Health Plans, limited benefits under New Jersey Health Plan Benefits, issues with regard to personal injury protection, and various other items including Federal Stimulus for New Jersey Groups Not Subject to COBRA.

There is an entire real estate commission in the Division of Banking and Insurance to enforce New Jersey’s real estate licensing law. There is an entire section devoted to research and finding banking, insurance and real estate licenses. There is an entire section for rules, orders and bulletins, and the applications and forms for those including motor vehicle installment sellers. According to the consumer inquiries and complaints section on the website, you may contact the unit in several ways: by telephone, web, mail, fax or in person; then a tracking number is assigned for inquiries or assistance with filing a complaint. The phone number is 609-292-7272 or hotline of 18004467467. The mailing address is NJ DOBI, P.O. Box 471, Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0471.

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