New Jersey Lemon Law Unit

New Jersey Lemon Law Unit

If you are interested in filing a lemon law claim, whether with or without an attorney, the site that you might want to review is the Department of Consumer Affairs. This website gives all the appropriate instructions on how to file a lemon law claim and all the requirements. The forms are also listed on this page and make it easier for a person to represent themselves in the process of filing a lemon law claim.

All of the forms might be simple. The law and the legal principles underlying a lemon law claim are in fact quite contrary.

Researching a history of a vehicle is imperative in the process of litigating a lemon law claim. One of the more interesting things contained on this website is a list of buybacks which have been ordered and/or processed through the administrative courts. It appears as though the list of these buybacks begin from the early days of the lemon law unit up until the current days. So, as an example, if you have a car which has various defects, you might want to check the New Jersey Lemon Law Unit buyback site to determine if your complaints and/or concerns have been contained in any other complaints which might be filed.

This is a two-step process. You must look to see the year, make and model of the vehicle and see if there is any buyback. After that, you need to petition the lemon law unit through an OPRA request, Open Public Records Act, to determine the complaints that were made and the underlying documentation pertaining to the buyback. This will corroborate or support your claim if the manufacturer is claiming that the vehicle is operating properly or could not duplicate any complaints. I strongly recommend the site and it should be a starting point for any lemon law research.

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