Route 22 Auto Sales, Inc., Route 22 Automobiles, Inc. and Route 22 Nissan

Route 22 Auto Sales, Inc., which does business as Route 22 Toyota, is located at 109 Route 22 West Hillside; Route 22 Automobiles, Inc., which does business as Route 22 Honda, is located at 105 Route 22 West, Hillside; and Route 22 Nissan is located at 399 Route 22 West, Hillside.

They settled a lawsuit that was filed against them by the State of New Jersey for deceptive business practices (Feb. 8, 1999). It was alleged that they:

1 Used bait-and-switch advertising (this means they falsely advertised vehicles for sale);
2 Misrepresented that many products, such as GAP coverage, extended service agreements, window etching, credit life insurance or credit life accident health and disability insurance, were required to be purchased;
3 Misrepresented mileage;
4 Failed to allow lessees one business day to review the lease agreement.

Again it is obvious that widespread consumer fraud is rampant in New Jersey at automobile dealerships. You should be very careful while purchasing a car and never let your guard down. If you think you have been a victim please call my Middletown New Jersey office for a consultation.

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