Toyota Recall

On January 21, 2010 Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. issued a press release indicating there would be a recall of approximately 2.3 million vehicles to fix/correct a sticking accelerator in various specific Toyota Division models.

This press release stated that this action was distinct from an ongoing recall of approximately 4.2 million vehicles, Toyota and Lexus, to reduce the risks of pedal entrapment.
The press release indicates that Toyota had been investigating isolated reports over a lengthy period of time to determine if there was a risk under certain circumstances of danger to the drivers and the public with regard to this pedal condition. This is according to the Toyota website.

According to the Los Angeles Times reported per the internet, ‘Toyota found to keep tight lid on potential safety problems’, and that the website indicated a Times investigation shows the world largest automaker had delayed recalls and attempted to blame human error in cases where owners claimed vehicle defects.

This is per the December 23, 2009 internet posting by Ken Bensinger and Ralph Vartabedian. Apparently, this was discovered in a routine test on a Sienna minivan in April 2003 where the engineers found a plastic pedal could come loose and the gas pedal could stick, potentially making a vehicle accelerate beyond control.
The article asserts/alleges that in January, six years after discovering the potential hazard, the automaker recalled 26,501 vans made with this old pedal. The article states ‘The auto maker knew of a dangerous steering defect in vehicles including the 4Runner sport utility vehicle for years before issuing a recall in Japan in 2004. But it told regulators no recall was necessary in the U.S., despite having received dozens of complaints from drivers. Toyota said a subsequent investigation led it to order a U.S. recall in 2005’.

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The National Highway Safety Administration did an investigation on this issue

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