Toyota Tacoma and Rust. Part 1

What is going on with the Toyota Tacomas? Rust ?

There appears to be a long history of rust in these vehicles, for which Toyota has been aware. It appears that in March there was an extension of warranty coverage for these trucks for up to 15 years..

Do we think that is a generous olive branch form the manufacturer? Well, let’s take a closer look. It appears that the trucks that were having the problem were manufactured in 1995 to 2000. The “warranty extension” was offered in 2008. I guess Toyota has decided that “better late than never” is a good way to conduct business and keep the customers happy. Let’s say for argument purposes only (I did not know this) that Toyota knew about the problem in 1998, three years after the cars were in production. Well, what’s the problem, why did they wait so long?

I wonder when Toyota knew about the problem? Can we assume that it was before 2008, when the truck has been in action for over 13 years? Don’t know.

What did Toyota agree to do with people who spent out of pocket money to fix these problems? What happened to people who sold the cars at a reduced value because of the rust problems?

Here is a list of complaints posted on the internet regarding the complaints.

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