A Consumer’s Site

Recently, I was surfing the internet and discovered a site through news releases that is actually very useful.

The site is and the basic underpinnings of this site are the consumers’ ability to access purchase information for vehicles. Apparently has the availability of some sort of database or survey information pertaining to what people have paid for various vehicles as well as the extras. It then provides some sort of analysis – maybe a regression analysis – as to the appropriate or average price for these vehicles. With this site, you get information pertaining to what the market is bearing for a particular vehicle with particular options. Since most individuals do not have the ability to go to auctions or have the access to information that dealerships have, I would say that the availability of this information at would be essential, if it is in fact accurate. I have no knowledge whether or not this information is accurate or the source of their information. However, the basic concept underlying I completely support because it assists consumers in providing them with more information on their purchasing decision. If you are buying a car, it would seem to be a reasonable resource to avail yourself of, to have as much as if not more knowledge than the dealership pertaining to the pricing practices or pricing patterns of a particular car in a particular market. With regard to information, more is always better.

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