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One option in lawsuits against dealers is instituting suit against the owners and/or employees. New Jersey laws held that the owners or the individual employees can be liable if they directly participated in the fraud or consumer fraud.

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act indicates that persons are liable, which includes fictitious persons – such as corporations – and real persons, such as individuals.

One resource is the Department of Treasury, State of New Jersey, wherein you can find out who the owners and the officers of the dealership are in order to assist your investigation.

Did a dealership do the following:

* Sell you a damaged car * Sell you a defective car * Lie to you about financing * Lie to you about a warranty * Lie to you about the history of a car * Lie to you about the mechanical condition of the car * Lie to you about the repair history * Lie to you about the price * Lie to you about the advertised price
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The New Jersey Assembly and the Senate have introduced bills that would permanently and prohibitively make New Jersey an anti-consumer forum and roll back years of consumer protection laws which have accumulated benefits for thousands, if not millions, of New Jersey consumers.

A3333 which has been introduced into the State Assembly and parallel introduction of S2538 into the State Senate are anti-consumer and significantly reduce consumers’ rights in the State of New Jersey.

Wrongful Repossession Lawsuits

These are factual allegation in a New Jersey lawsuit. These were submitted to the court in opposition to a summary judgment motion filed by the defendant.

1. This litigation arises out of the plaintiff’s possession and subsequent repossession of the subject automobile, which is a XXX.

This was actually submitted in an arbitration against a New Jersey car dealership.

In the present case, the plaintiff has demonstrated that the defendant has committed acts of consumer fraud with a nexus to an ascertainable loss and, thus, the plaintiff should receive an award against the defendant. everse engineering and backing out numbers does not equate with fair business practices! This is coupled with an advertisement that is blatantly in violation of New Jersey law case law and the Administrative Code.


The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act is to be Watered Down, significantly.

New Jersey has one of the strongest Consumer Fraud Acts in the United States.

There is pending legislation to change the Consumer Fraud Act and make it easier to avoid civil penalties for fraud.

Amy Handlin and John McKeon are sponsoring an anti-consumer bill that would change the business landscape in New Jersey.

A key provision of the new New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act would exempt out of state transactions. This means the following: if someone in New Jersey commits consumer fraud upon a non-resident (living in NY, PA or CT) there are no consequences.

“a. apply only to transactions that take place in the State”

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