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I happened to be shopping at Whole Foods recently when I was “interviewed” by a TV reporter from News 12 regarding the beef recall.

The purpose of this is to be fair to Whole Foods. I stated in the interview that I thought Whole Foods was a good store and I would continue to shop there. Although I have not seen the interview, I have been told that it was not included in the piece.

If you are curious about beef recalls and the food industry you have to read Fast Food Nation. My only major complaint is: what good is a recall after I have eaten the beef and tossed any proof of purchase? None. There should be a better system. Unfortunately, beef recalls are more common than we would care to believe.

USA today is reporting that there is a major BMW recall for airbags. The recall involves the 2006 3 Series, the 2004-2006 5 Series, and the 2004-2006 X3 compact SUV in the United States. NHTSA opened an investigation into the issue in September 2007 and upgraded its probe in January. In addition to the vehicles under Wednesday’s recall, the ongoing investigation also includes the 2004-2006 Z4, 2006 X5, 2006 6 Series and some 2004-2006 7 Series vehicles.

To respond to the problem, BMW said it would extend the warranty to 10 years without any mileage limit for the following vehicles: 2006 6 Series, 2006 3 Series with standard seat, 2004-2005 Z4, 2004-2006 7 Series, 2006 X5, and 2004-2006 5 Series with comfort seats.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tracks and compiles recalls and Technical bulletins for all cars and you should check for issues with your car.

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There is a great web site that has created feed to all the recent recalls. Every manufacturer is included and this is a great resource. Go to site

You should keep this site bookmarked to check your new car purchase.

Manufacturers frequently have problems that need to be fixed on a wide-scale basis. If you remember, a few years ago there were Kia Sephia brake problems that resulted in a recall. This is not that uncommon, unfortunately.

Ford just issued on the Explorer: a new risk of fire in Ford SUVs has prompted a recall from the Ford Motor Corp. Ford is recalling about 1,500 2008 Explorer, Explorer Sport Track and Mercury Mountaineer SUVs equipped with the 4.6 liter engine and 6R transmission.

A bolt securing the oil cooler line fittings at the transmission may not have been tightened sufficiently at the Ford assembly plant. If the bolt loosens, the transmission cooler lines can leak fluid onto the vehicle’s catalytic converter, posing the fire risk.
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