Check for Recalls When Researching a Car you might Purchase

Researching Recalls on New and Used Vehicles

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One of the most basic and simplest research tools on the Internet is the government site where you can check recalls for the vehicle you were buying. You take the vehicle identification number of the vehicle you are attempting to purchase and place that vehicle identification number into the appropriate spot on the website and it will tell you if there are any outstanding recalls.

The next question is what you do this information?

When you learn a vehicle has a ripple you should ask questions. You should first ask the salesman, then the sales manager, than any tech people at the dealership.

Do not accept I do not know!!!

This is particularly problematic at non-franchised dealerships. This means that if you buy a used  BMW at a non-BMW dealership, specifically a used car dealership located along some highway you  could run into problems. It appears relatively obvious but this car dealership might have no knowledge about the recalls on the vehicle and certainly unlikely to be able to fix it. The recommendation would be if you were present at a non-BMW dealership and there was a recall on the BMW you were trying to purchase don’t buy the car until you have it inspected by a authorized, franchise dealership. At a minimum you should call and authorized dealership to find out more in the recall.

Without any information on the recall whether or not it has been completed you should not make a decision to purchase the vehicle.

Below is a link to the government site we could research whether or not there is a recall on your vehicle and then you can determine what you’re going to do with that information. The existence or nonexistence of recalls is a material factor in many individuals who decide to purchase or not purchase a vehicle from a franchise dealership or from a non franchised dealership. Nonetheless, this is some very basic research that can be done when acquiring either a new or used vehicle. Sometimes new vehicles have recalls on them as well that have either been done or need to be done at the authorized franchise dealership.





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