Ciasulli Auto Dealerships Lawsuits (2002)

Several Bob Ciasulli automobile dealerships settled a lawsuit filed by the State of New Jersey.
They agreed to pay the State $425,000 for costs, fees and in furtherance of the interests of the State of New Jersey (2002).

These dealerships were included in the settlement:

B.C.T. Imports, Inc.; Bob Ciasulli Toyota, Inc.; Bob Ciasulli Jeep/Eagle, Inc.; Bob Ciasulli Hyundai, Inc.; Arrow Hyundai, Inc.; Arrow Auto Imports, Inc.; Mack Auto Imports, Inc.; Mack Dodge, Inc.; Mack Pontiac/Cadillac, Inc.; Monmouth American, Inc.; Monmouth Chrysler/Plymouth, Inc.; M.T. Imports, Inc.; Route 88 Vehicle Corp.; United Galaxy, Inc.; and Universal Global, Inc.

The State has instituted and settled many lawsuits against dealerships and there is a full listing on the State website at the department of Consumer Affairs.

Unfortunately in New Jersey Consumer Fraud is widespread at dealerships. If you think you have been a victim of dealership fraud, feel free to call my office to arrange for a consultation.

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