New Jersey Lemon Law

Buying the wrong car can have a devastating impact on your life. If your car breaks down how will you get to work and pay the bills? If it doesn’t work right, why doesn’t the manufacturer just replace it? If only life were that simple.

The lemon law works to force manufacturers to back their product: paint peeling, knocking engine, faulty transmission, leaky sunroof or door locks. You are dealing with a billion-dollar company. The lemon law gives you a protection. You can FORCE the manufacturer to buy back the car.

If the use, value or safety of your car has been substantially affected you can have your car repurchased with attorney fees and cost reimbursed. You can also get your money back if the dealer has taken too long to fix the car. Yes, that is correct. Even if the dealer fixes the car, but it takes too long, you can get your money back.

I have significant experience in New Jersey Lemon Law cases. If you think you have a Lemon Law case please fee free to call my office for an appointment.

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