Lawsuit against 21st Century Auto Group

The State is alleging the following:

a. Failing to honor the advertised sales price of a used motor vehicle;
b. Failing to honor the negotiated sales price of a used motor vehicle;
c. Failing to provide vehicle license plates, title and registration prior to the expiration of the temporary title and/or registration;
d. Failing to provide consumers with copies of all executed sales documents at;
the time of signing e. Selling a used motor vehicle for which a prior lien had not been paid off;
f. Failing to return trade-in vehicles to consumers within thirty-six (36) hours after the consumers’ sales transactions had been cancelled;
g. Failing to refund monies paid by consumers who never took possession of the used motor vehicles offered for sale by Defendant;
Failing to refund monies paid by consumers after they cancelled the sales transaction; and i. Charging consumers for warranty protection, but failing to provide the promised warranty.

These are just allegations and the state has to prove these allegations and the dealer is disputing the State claims and maintain they have done nothing wrong, just because they were sues does not automatically mean they are wrong

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