State Sues 21st Century Auto Group

The State of NJ filed a lawsuit against 21st Century Auto Group:

Acting New Jersey Attorney General John J. Hoffman and the State Division of
Consumer Affairs today announced a lawsuit against 21st Century Auto Group, Inc., a
dealership that sells high-end used luxury cars such as Lamborghinis and BMWs, for alleged
bait-and-switch and other deceptive tactics affecting more than 80 consumers.

The lawsuit, filed by the Division of Law in State Superior Court in Union County, alleges that
the dealership, in Springfield, committed multiple violations of New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud
Act and Motor Vehicle Advertising Regulations.

The AG’s office has the power to make such investigation and files such suits under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. The State files suit just like any other person but they do not have the same obligation that a private party would have, as they do not have to prove an ascertainable loss.

The state is alleging various violations

These are just allegations and the state has to prove these allegations and the dealer is disputing the State claims and maintain they have done nothing wrong, just because they were sues does not automatically mean they are wrong

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