Lemon Law Cars

New Jersey Lemon Law unit
The state of New Jersey has a location where consumers can file a claim under New Jersey lemon law receive an expedited procedure.

The specific locations called the lemon Law unit. The lemon Law unit keeps track of the vehicles which it been repurchased by the manufacturer under the lemon law. The law requires that the manufacture take specific actions with regard to the title on these vehicles which it been repurchased under the lemon law.

New Jersey, and many other states, require special branding on the title to notify such purchasers of the prior buyback. Usually, these changes show up on Carfax. However, Carfax has their own internal set of procedures, I’m assuming, to process these buybacks as they appear on the titles.

The good news for consumers is that when researching a vehicle to purchase the lemon Law unit on their website lists the buybacks. This is a nice place to start your research for new vehicles. Obviously, if a specific year make and model you are interested in is listed on the lemon law site you might want to avoid that vehicle. This is your choice. However there is an excellent source of free information.

Under the New Jersey OPRA you can actually obtain a copy of the lemon law file from the lemon law unit. In this fashion you can investigate the specific claims, what position was taken by the manufacturer and the reasoning for the buyback if there was a written decision. Again more information freight very limited cost. You make your OPRA request there would be a minimal cost for copying.

The New Jersey lemon Law unit is an excellent source for information available to the public at little or no cost. I’ve attempted to download that list and post a majority of it in this blog. The lemon Law unit posts the list in PDF format so if you like to search it I would suggest that you converted to Excel. I’ve posted portions of this list from the New Jersey lemon Law unit in this blog and on the web page

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