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New Jersey Lemon Law Update January 2020

There have been no statutory amendments modifications or other significant changes and the New Jersey Lemon Law. The update is that there is no update. I just recently updated my New Jersey Lemon Law page at my website.

There is a used New Jersey lemon and there is a new New Jersey Lemon Law. The remedies are different for those claiming they have purchased a lemon. However, the underlying concept is that the use/value/safety of the vehicle you were driving has been substantially impaired. Each statutory provision, used car lemon law and a new car lemon law, spells out the remedies to which you are entitled. The New Jersey new car lemon law provides for a repurchase formula with attorney’s fees and costs.

New Jersey Lemon Law unit

The state of New Jersey has a location where consumers can file a claim under New Jersey lemon law receive an expedited procedure.

The specific locations called the lemon Law unit. The lemon Law unit keeps track of the vehicles which it been repurchased by the manufacturer under the lemon law. The law requires that the manufacture take specific actions with regard to the title on these vehicles which it been repurchased under the lemon law.

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