New Jersey Lemon Law Lawyer: Used Car Lemon Law and New Car Lemon Law

New Jersey Lemon Law Update January 2020

There have been no statutory amendments modifications or other significant changes and the New Jersey Lemon Law. The update is that there is no update. I just recently updated my New Jersey Lemon Law page at my website.

There is a used New Jersey lemon and there is a new New Jersey Lemon Law. The remedies are different for those claiming they have purchased a lemon. However, the underlying concept is that the use/value/safety of the vehicle you were driving has been substantially impaired. Each statutory provision, used car lemon law and a new car lemon law, spells out the remedies to which you are entitled. The New Jersey new car lemon law provides for a repurchase formula with attorney’s fees and costs.

On my website I explain the nature of the formula and how the refund is calculated. The used car lemon law is significantly different, and remedies are not as good as the new car lemon law. The used car lemon Law does not provide for attorney’s fees and has a very strict time limitation and when the claimant must be litigated.

In addition, the term of the warranty implied by the law is also significantly limited. You either have 30/60 or 90 days to put the dealer a notice and make a claim that your vehicle is a limit. The substantial defects covered by the state warranty must occur within the first 30, 60, 90 days for remedies to be available. Only good thing about the use car lemon law is that the dealer has a bond to pay if they are unable to pay any judgment.

An experienced New Jersey Lemon Law Lawyer of can assist in litigating both used and a new car lemon laws. New Jersey has many pro consumer laws and the use car in the car lemon law are both very helpful to consumers of purchase defective vehicles.
The law firm of Jonathan Rudnick LLC has litigated numerous lemon law cases in the past 30 years. These are primarily new car lemon Law cases in both tenant defaults and other areas. The law firm of Jonathan Rudnick litigates new car Lemon Law cases involve the New Jersey Counties, including Monmouth County, Essex County, Middlesex County, Union County, Ocean County, Atlanta County, Burlington County and Mercer County.

The law firm of Jonathan Rudnick LLC litigates in all New Jersey counties both new and used car lemon laws. The major decision in the new car lemon Law cases is whether to go to the administrative court were correct the Superior Court. In my experience Superior Court is a federal forum point or place to litigate these cases. While the time frame is shorter the results are better in Superior Court rather than Administrative Court.  My office is in Tinton Falls New Jersey.

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