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Vehicles Branded Under The New Jersey Lemon Law
As of June 1, 2014

If a motor vehicle is returned to the manufacturer under the provisions of the New Jersey Lemon Law or similar statute of another state or as a
result of a legal action or an informal dispute settlement procedure, it shall not be resold or re-leased in New Jersey unless the manufacturer has
stamped title shall be submitted to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) to be permanently branded as a Lemon (Status “L” on your
NJ title).

The list below is compiled from information received by the New Jersey Lemon Law Unit and, as of November 2008, from the New Jersey
Motor Vehicle Commission. It should not be considered a complete list of all vehicles repurchased under the New Jersey Lemon Law or similar
laws of other states. The vehicles being reported on this website are up to 12 model years old. The Division of Consumer Affairs makes no
representation regarding the condition of any particular vehicle.

YEAR MAKE MODEL VIN 2003 ACURA MDX 2HNYD18213H553107 2004 ACURA TL 19UUA65504A015377 2004 ACURA TL 19UUA662X4A018081 2005 ACURA RL JH4KB16575C019760 2006 ACURA TL 19UUA662X6A032792 2006 ACURA TSX JH4CL96856C008588 2007 ACURA MDX 2HNYD28417H525109 2007 ACURA MDX SPORT 2HNYD28807H545208 2007 ACURA RL JH4KB16557C001308 2008 ACURA MDX 2HNYD28848H518644 2008 ACURA RDX 5J8TB18258A008573 2008 ACURA RDX 5J8TB18288A013492 2008 ACURA RDX TECHNOLOGY 5J8TB185X8A014346 2008 ACURA RDX TECHNOLOGY 5J8TB18528A015572 2008 ACURA TL 19UUA662X8A054603 2008 ACURA TL 19UUA75688A044887 2008 ACURA TL 19UUA66288A052655 2008 ACURA TL 19UUA66278A049813 2008 ACURA TL 19UUA66288A039176 2009 ACURA MDX TECH 2HNYD286X9H512248 2009 ACURA TL 19UUA96539A006390 2009 ACURA TL 19UUA86289A025842 2010 ACURA MDX ADVANCE 2HNYD2H7XAH503529 2010 ACURA TL 19UUA9E59AA000700 2010 ACURA TL 19UUA9E53AA004287 2010 ACURA TL 19UUA8F51AA008718 2010 ACURA TSX JH4CU2F6XAC008470 2010 ACURA TSX JH4CU2F69AC004099 2011 ACURA TL 19UUA8F56BA002950 2012 ACURA TL 19UUA9F23CA009030 2012 ACURA TSX JH4CU2F63CC007311 2013 ACURA ILX 19VDE2E55DE000357 2013 ACURA MDX 2HNYD2H44DH501219 2014 ACURA MDX 5FRYD4H45EB023903 2008 ASTON MARTIN DB9 VOLANTE SCFAB02A88GB09785 2003 AUDI A4 CABRIOLET WAUAT48H93K008391 2003 AUDI ALLROAD WA1YD64B23N058506 2004 AUDI A4 WAUVC68E74A176329 2004 AUDI S4 WAUPL68E44A134175 Continue reading ›

These car were repurchased as lemons under the NJ Lemon Law

Vehicles Branded Under The New Jersey Lemon Law
As of June 1, 2014

YEAR MAKE MODEL VIN 2005 AUDI A4 WAUEL74F25N096936 2005 AUDI A4 WAULT68E05A049690 2005 AUDI A6 WAUDL94F75N087446 2005 AUDI A6 WAUDG74FX5N108265 2007 AUDI A4 WAUDF78E87A022998 2008 AUDI A4 WAUDF78E98A078451 2008 AUDI A6 WAUEH74F58N070076 2008 AUDI A6 WAUKH94F28N159750 2008 AUDI Q7 WA1BV74L38D063387 2008 AUDI Q7 WA1BY74L38D026430 2009 AUDI A4 WAUSF78K49N035627 2009 AUDI A4 WAUGF78K49A136714 2009 AUDI A5/S5 WAUDK78T19A000614 2009 AUDI A8 WAULV94E99N002111 2009 AUDI S5 WAURV78T99A022471 2010 AUDI A3 WAUBGAFB5AN004243 2010 AUDI A3 WAUBGAFL8AA064095 2010 AUDI A4 WAUBFAFLXAN066863 2010 AUDI A4 WAUFFAFLXAN058599 2010 AUDI A5 WAULFAFR2AA053315 2010 AUDI Q5 WA1CKAFP7AA079075 2010 AUDI Q5 WA1LKAFP4AA091149 2010 AUDI S4 WAUMGAFL1AA016950 2011 AUDI A3 WAUMFAFM6BA036009 2011 AUDI A4 WAUHFAFL9BN024275 2011 AUDI A4 WAUKFAFL9BN042426 2011 AUDI A5 WAUCFAFR7BA030274 2011 AUDI A5 WAUVGAFH1BN004713 2011 AUDI A5 WAULFAFR7BA039976 2011 AUDI A6 WAUKGAFB9BN011410 2011 AUDI A6 WAUFGAFB0BN044247 2011 AUDI A8 WAURVAFD1BN004960 2011 AUDI A8 WAURVAFDXBN019571 2011 AUDI A8 WAUAVAFD4BN019286 2011 AUDI Q5 WA1CFAFP7BA018217 2011 AUDI Q5 WA1LFAFPXBA006269 2011 AUDI Q5 WA1LFAFPXBA030622 2011 AUDI Q5 WA1CFAFP3BA047097 2011 AUDI Q5 WA1DKAFP6BA113240 2011 AUDI Q5 WA1LFAFP0BA079439 2011 AUDI Q5 WA1CFAFP4BA036321 2011 AUDI Q5 WA1LFAFP2BA069897 2011 AUDI Q5 WA1LFAFP5BA043309 2011 AUDI Q5 WA1DKAFPXBA075902 2011 AUDI Q5 WA1CFAFP4BA006381 2011 AUDI Q5 WA1WKAFP9BA029020 2011 AUDI Q5 WA1LFAFP4BA042944 2011 AUDI Q7 WA1LGAFE4BD006472 2011 AUDI Q7 WA1LGAFE8BD008855 2011 AUDI Q7 WA1LGAFE7BD002626 2011 AUDI Q7 WA1LGAFE9BD001929 2011 AUDI Q7 WA1VMAFEXBD008048 2011 AUDI Q7 WA1LGAFE6BD004769 2011 AUDI Q7 WA1LMAFEXBD005514 2011 AUDI S4 WAUBGAFL0BA058678 2011 AUDI S5 WAUCVAFRXBA062087 2011 AUDI TT/TTS TRUK1AFK0B1022264 2012 AUDI A3 WAUFEAFM9CA074587 2012 AUDI A3 WAUPEAFM3CA070099 Continue reading ›

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