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Guaranteed Credit Approval

Consumer Fraud and False Advertising:

Guaranteed Credit Approval. Financing Guaranteed. We finance Anyone. We will Get it Done.

Guarantee Credit Approval.  Be wary and get help if you see this advertisement

You hear those advertisements all the time on the radio and TV. Credit Guaranteed. All you need is a job and pay stub. Rebuild your credit. Any deal.
There is no such thing as guaranteed credit. There is no such thing as guaranteed credit approval. Each and every transaction must be reviewed by a bank or lending source. The bank or the lending source make a decision to extend credit based on the credit score, your job and any one of numerous other items that might be applicable to the bank’s lending standards.

So when you hear the aforementioned promises or representations that there is guaranteed credit approval and all you need is a job or some type of pay stub this is quite frankly more likely than not false. Does it make sense that the bank would lend you money when you are not qualified to borrow the money. Absolutely not. Banks have lending standards. They do not lend money to anybody.

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worst jeep

According to this post from there is a ranking of the worst Jeep Grand Cherokee model years based on consumer complaints. It appears as though the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee was the model year with the most complaints the Jeeps. This specific graph containing information on the jeeps does not indicate what the problems were, where the problems were for the ultimate resolution. However, you can do some online research to determine the nature and extent of the various problems associated with the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s, various model years.

Obviously, the individual user experience will be different for each vehicle. This does not mean that you should completely overlook an excessive amount of imported complaints with regard to a specific vehicle. appears to be an excellent resource to research complaints on various vehicles. To go to their webpage look at the reports complaints for the vehicles. If you are doing research on purchasing either a new or used vehicle it cannot hurt to research the vehicle on this page. Then you can see if there were a lot of complaints, and model of the and/or the specific complaints that were made against a specific model year. It appears to be an excellent, free resource. They should be able one part of the court purchasing process.

If you have a vehicle with many complaints whether it be a new vehicle or a used vehicle, you might have a vehicle which might warrant a refund or some sort of compensatory damages. For new vehicles would pursue a claim under the lemon law. For a new vehicle you would pursue a claim under the used lemon law for a simple breach of warranty claim. In New Jersey the used car lemon law is not very effective and is extremely limited. Consumers have their rights under the Uniform Commercial Code. With new vehicles have a significant amount of additional rights due to the overlay of the New Jersey Lemon Law.

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