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Guaranteed Credit Approval

Consumer Fraud and False Advertising:

Guaranteed Credit Approval. Financing Guaranteed. We finance Anyone. We will Get it Done.

Guarantee Credit Approval.  Be wary and get help if you see this advertisement

You hear those advertisements all the time on the radio and TV. Credit Guaranteed. All you need is a job and pay stub. Rebuild your credit. Any deal.
There is no such thing as guaranteed credit. There is no such thing as guaranteed credit approval. Each and every transaction must be reviewed by a bank or lending source. The bank or the lending source make a decision to extend credit based on the credit score, your job and any one of numerous other items that might be applicable to the bank’s lending standards.

So when you hear the aforementioned promises or representations that there is guaranteed credit approval and all you need is a job or some type of pay stub this is quite frankly more likely than not false. Does it make sense that the bank would lend you money when you are not qualified to borrow the money. Absolutely not. Banks have lending standards. They do not lend money to anybody.

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If you purchased these products you might have a claim against the retailer for a refund or other damages to your car



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